Friday, July 20, 2007

The Beginning!

Hey all, here we have an historic opportunity to become charter members of a Hobie Cat Fleet for the Great State of Maine..Fleet 207!

Much consideration has gone into the decision to go forward with the new fleet # 207 vs. trying to reactivate the past fleet # 231. Going forward it was felt that the new number better represents who we are in Maine...a number we could wear proudly and one that would distinguish us when sailing outside of the state.

However, I must make it clear for now that this new number has not yet been approved by HCNA, and it is an unusual request, as they commonly assign fleet number (although how they do this is a mystery it seems). It is my hope that they too will see that Maine is a unique territory for a Hobie Fleet, and allow for some flexibility!

All for now,

Bil Weidner